Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Congratulations! You’re now engaged and you’re looking for a venue to have the big event. After years of receiving helpful feedback from brides and their parents, I have put some thoughts together in order to help make the process easier for all the parties’ concerned. I only wish that I would have known some of these things when my daughter got married! Costs are always important, and by choosing to have an outdoor wedding, you are letting Mother Nature help provide most of the decorations, thereby saving money.

Choosing a Wedding Location

Choosing just the right outdoor setting or venue for the wedding and the reception is the first step in the process. Get this right, and odds are that everything else will fall into place. Outdoor choices can be as simple as a back yard, a nature preserve, botanical garden, parks, country club, golf course, a country bed and breakfast, or similar property. By their nature public places tend to be less private and will come with more restrictive rules and time constraints. You should be looking for privacy and seclusion but not so far away that guests are going on a safari to reach the big event. A good question to ask is how many weddings will happen at the venue that day or will yours be exclusive? Multiple weddings will surely put time constraints on yours. Another important question is parking, and can your guests arrive without walking in any mud in the event it has rained recently. Even if a location is inexpensive, be careful that you don’t end up paying double or triple by the time you add in fees for other vendors to provide the “extras” not included in the venue’s price.

An outdoor wedding at Burnt Pine removes most if not all of the anxiety about the event. Yours will be exclusive to your date as well as the two days prior and one day after. We will listen to what you want and will offer suggestions as to how to make your dreams a reality. In most cases all you need to do is show up with the groom and wedding party! We will take care of the details so you can focus on starting your new life together.